Back to School: know the rules for stopping for school buses

Avoid getting a school bus ticket by knowing the rules around stopping for school buses

As children of all ages head back to school, drivers will once again share the road with school buses. Avoid getting a school bus related ticket by knowing the rules of the road. There is a common misunderstanding when it comes to the law surrounding school buses. Can I pass a stopped bus? Where do … Read More

Long Weekend Blitz – Most Common Charges

Conceptual road sign indicating Long Weekend Ahead

When there’s a long weekend traffic blitz, you see almost every type of traffic violation there is. If you are curious about the most common charges,  read on and find out what these charges are all about.   Speeding As you probably expect, this is the most common traffic ticket in Canada, hands down. It … Read More

Speeding Questions – Fast Answers

Shot of a young driver arguing with a traffic policeman

Every day, we receive questions and inquiries about speeding. Apparently, many drivers are confused as to how, or even why. they got speeding tickets. So we have decided to answer the top speeding questions that we get regularly in this post.   Does the police officer have to show me the radar he used? There … Read More

Post-Accident Mistakes You Don’t Want to Make

Two Drivers Arguing After Traffic Accident looking at damage

Accidents are traumatic, no matter how big or small they may be. In those first few minutes after the accident, everything can be confusing. It can be challenging to keep your mind straight and remember what you have to do – and more importantly, what you should not do!   If you have been involved … Read More

Strict liability vs. absolute liability – which is your offence?


When a driver receives a traffic ticket, there are two kinds of offences: a strict liability offence, and an absolute liability offence. Each of these will determine what kind of defence the driver can make if he/she chooses to fight the ticket.   Strict liability A strict liability offence means that the onus of responsibility … Read More

Process Serving 101

process serving

Bulwark Legal Services is now offering process serving as one of our services. Process serving can be difficult and hard to understand so we’ve put together this blog to help explain the process. What is Process Serving? Process serving is the action of legal documents being served by one party, upon another party. By serving … Read More

Who’s right of way?

stop signs

Last week our blog post talked about stop signs, what “stopping” actually entails and the fines and charges for improper stops. This week’s blog will be about the second part of the same section, 136 (1)(b): Section 136 Stop at through highway (1) Every driver or streetcar operator approaching a stop sign at an intersection, … Read More

Stop right there, thank you very much

When it comes to driving a vehicle, a driver is in charge of handling a vehicle with safety and responsibility. One of these responsibilities is stopping the vehicle. It might be said that stopping is easy, but improper stops at traffic lights and signs happen all the time. Which is why this part of the … Read More