Long Weekend Blitz – Most Common Charges

Conceptual road sign indicating Long Weekend Ahead

When there’s a long weekend traffic blitz, you see almost every type of traffic violation there is. If you are curious about the most common charges,  read on and find out what these charges are all about.



As you probably expect, this is the most common traffic ticket in Canada, hands down. It is a minor offence, unfortunately, it is also a common cause of a collision. A speeding ticket may cost you a fine, the amount of which depends on the province, as well as how far over the speed limit you are.


Not Wearing a Seatbelt

All across Canada, the law requires you wear your seatbelt whenever you’re traveling in your car. It’s not just for drivers, but for passengers as well. The driver is responsible for all passengers who are under 16 years old. Even though the use of seatbelts has increased in Canada in the past few years, it still is among the most common offences.


Careless or Distracted Driving

Careless driving is among the tickets that are often successfully fought. Yes, there is a good chance to have this conviction removed from a person’s records. It may be because of the vague definition of careless driving or because the charge relies heavily on the officer’s judgment. However, the fact that the ticket can be challenged does not make the act, in any way, less dangerous.


Rolling Through a Stop Sign

Many drivers admit to being guilty of rolling through a stop sign at one point or another in their driving career. That’s why it still makes the list of the most common tickets given out during a traffic blitz. We know it’s surprising. How can drivers still be tempted to roll through a stop sign when they know traffic enforcement officers are everywhere? Some drivers admit to being nervous about being asked to pull over for other reasons so they just keep their fingers crossed and go ahead. Considering pedestrians may be crossing, this traffic violence can result in tragedy.


Beating the Red Light

Why is there a need to beat the light and reach your destination a minute or two faster? A lot of drivers still don’t seem to grasp the risks that come with trying to run red lights. It can lead to accidents and pedestrians’ casualties.


These are just some of the most common charges during a traffic blitz. Have you received a ticket for any of these? Call a trusted paralegal at Bulwark Legal Services to help you get through it!