Speeding Questions – Fast Answers

Shot of a young driver arguing with a traffic policeman

Every day, we receive questions and inquiries about speeding. Apparently, many drivers are confused as to how, or even why. they got speeding tickets. So we have decided to answer the top speeding questions that we get regularly in this post.


  • Does the police officer have to show me the radar he used?

There is no legal requirement for officers to show drivers their radar guns. The laser gun (lidar) or radar is often located in the front seat of the police car, and officers do not like the idea that someone else is accessing their front seat and touching or even taking something from the car. Also, it is a safety issue, you getting out of the car on a highway.


  • What do I have to do if I have been pulled over for speeding?

You are an accused speeder. You have certain rights when you are caught with a radar or lidar gun. For one, you can challenge the radar training of the officer. You are entitled to the testing procedures for the radar used to determine your speed. Radar guns need regular testing before and after your ticket is issued, and if not, you may be successful in challenging the ticket!


  • Does the officer have to have a radar to prove that I was speeding?

No. A “radar proof” is not required to charge you for speeding. However, when a radar is not used, the officer needs to be able to explain how your speed was determined. This is usually done by “pacing”.


  • Can I use my broken or malfunctioning speedometer as my defense?

Will you openly admit to driving fully knowing your speedometer is not working? There are some who got away with it but it’s highly unlikely that you can fight the ticket with that as your defense. If anything, driving with a broken speedometer may even be deemed as negligent on your part.


  • Why did I get pulled over when I was going with the flow of traffic?

That is too bad. But the reason you are pulled over is that you were caught speeding. For the officer, if you’re speeding, you are speeding. It’s irrelevant whether you are travelling at the same speed as all the other cars on the road or even if they’re driving faster. A radar or lidar gun could target only one car at a time, and unfortunately, that car is yours.


  • What will happen if I ignore my speeding ticket?

Failing to respond to your Ontario traffic ticket can result to licence suspension. You can find detailed information about your options and the time period allotted for you to respond to the ticket. Remember that a non-response is equivalent to pleading guilty, and could either be “deemed not to dispute” or convicted by “failing to respond”.


We hope these answers shed some light on your speeding questions. Do you have other questions? Reach out to us for a free consultation!