We are experienced and certified licensed paralegals giving you an affordable option to fight your traffic ticket. ANOTHER TRAFFIC TICKET REALLY?


Why We Are Your Choice!

Fighting Traffic Tickets Ontario

Fighting Traffic and Speeding Tickets in Ontario

  • Paralegal Services Kitchener Traffic Tickets

    We are your defense

    Whether it is your first ticket, second, or more we want to help you fight those traffic tickets and to lessen the impact on your auto insurance rates. Let us help you with your situation. Call us, email us, or come visit us in our office in Guelph for a free consultation.

  • Fighting Traffic Tickets Ontario

    Know your options

    Never choose Option One on the back of a traffic ticket; you may be signing onto 3-6 years of extra costs for your auto insurance. Even if you want to fight your own ticket, we can help answer your questions.

  • Fighting Traffic Tickets Ontario

    Fight your Traffic Ticket!

    We specialize in fighting traffic tickets at the Guelph Provincial Offences Court, dealing with matters from all over Ontario. If you received a ticket in Guelph or Wellington County, it is dealt with at Guelph Court.

  • Paralegal Services Kitchener

    What's a Bulwark?

    A Bulwark is a noun describing a person who gives strong support or defense in time of need, danger, or doubt. We are here to defend you from the impact of Traffic Tickets and offer paralegal services to help in fighting traffic tickets that you have.



  • NEVER Choose Option 1

    By choosing not to fight your traffic ticket, you are giving up the right to dispute evidence against you and a conviction can lead to some major headaches later on.

  • TRUE COST of a Traffic Ticket

    A Conviction, even a minor one, can affect your auto insurance rates. You may end up paying 15-200% more per year over 3-6 years.

  • All Criminal Charges

    We fight all traffic ticket offences, provincial offenses, and minor criminal charges.

  • Speeding Charge

    Whether you have a speeding ticket of 5 km/h over or 35 km/h over the speed limit, your auto insurance premiums will likely increase at renewal.

  • Careless Driving

    If you’ve been in an accident, you may have been issued a Careless Driving ticket. By fighting this ticket you may get a chance to reduce the charge to avoid hefty fines, a driver’s licence suspension, and a huge increase in auto insurance premiums – if your insurance company decides to renew your coverage at all.

Let our many years of policing expertise and
court experience work in your favour.

Our former police officers and prosecutors will take your case and assist in making sure that your driving privileges are preserved in a way that is positive and affordable. If you are stuck, frustrated, and fed up fighting your ticket, let us help you. Call us, email us, or visit us at our office at 62 Carden St in Guelph for a free initial consultation. We proudly serving, Kitchener-Waterloo, Brampton, Cambridge, Burlington, and the surrounding areas

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