Why you need a Paralegal to fight your Traffic Ticket

Traffic tickets can affect your driving record and lead to serious consequences when it comes to your licence and insurance costs. For these reasons, it is important to hire a paralegal that can guide you through the legal process and inform you of your options and what you should do. A licensed paralegal will help … Read More

What to do After Getting a Traffic Ticket

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Getting a traffic ticket is very common and most people have received one, once or twice on the road. Traffic fines can be costly and can even lead to a suspended license, demerit points or worse, jail time. That’s why it’s important to act on the ticket you receive right away. If you choose not … Read More

Things to look for when hiring a Paralegal

Whether you are facing a difficult situation like being charged with a severe traffic offence, or annoying issues such as a small claims matter like a landlord-tenant dispute, one of the first things you should do is hire legal representation. A paralegal with experience in the area of the law you are trying to fight … Read More

How Do I Fight a Speeding Ticket in Ontario?

There are thousands of traffic tickets issued every year across Ontario for speeding. Many people don’t attempt to fight them in court. Part of the reason is unawareness about legal rights, and for others because it can seem like a daunting, time-consuming task without full assurance of success. The ticket holder accepts it with no … Read More

WTF? I’ve Been Charged with Careless Driving!

By Carly Mellon, Paralegal Intern for Bulwark Legal Services Careless driving is one of the most serious driving offences you can be charged with under the Highway Traffic Act. If you have been charged with careless driving it is important to fully understand what you’ve been charged with, how this affects your driving record, and … Read More

Taking Your Driver’s Test? Here Are Some Helpful Tips

Before becoming a licensed driver there are hours of practice you must first complete. Even though you have been preparing to take this test and learning the rules of the road, you don’t want one small slip-up to derail your whole driving exam. Listed below are some common mistakes people make and what you should … Read More

How Speeding Affects Your Driving Record?

Speeding is one of the most common traffic offences committed every day. Whether it be the inclination to go with the flow of traffic on a highway or, the desire to increase your speed to pass another driver, any driver faces the possibility of being issued a Provincial Offence Notice for speeding. According to the … Read More

Traffic Tickets to Avoid This Winter

Fighting Traffic Tickets Ontario

Canadian winters can be unforgiving for drivers. Heavy snowfall, slippery roads, and reckless drivers are just a few hazards we need to look out for. Unsafe behaviour also puts you at risk of receiving a ticket, which can increase your insurance premiums. Drive through winter safely by avoiding these common winter tickets.  Clean your windows  … Read More

Changes to Ontario Careless Driving Laws and Penalties

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What is Careless Driving? The Ontario Highway Traffic Act defines careless driving as operating any vehicle on the highway without paying due care and attention or reasonably considering other individuals around them. The first thought that comes to mind when someone brings up careless or distracted driving is an individual using their mobile device while … Read More

Stunt Driving And Racing In Ontario – The Consequences

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Stunt driving laws were added to the Highway Traffic Act under section 172 in 2007. This law was put in place in an attempt to stop drivers from racing and performing stunts, which are a danger to both those operating and riding inside the motor vehicle as well as other drivers on the road and … Read More