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UPDATE: Google Glass driver found not guilty

Cecilia Abadie, the woman who is believed to be the first motorist charged while driving wearing Google Glass, is found not guilty for driving with a monitor visible to driver. The officer did not prove beyond a reasonable that the device was in operation. However, Commissioner John Blair stated that Google Glass could classify as … Read More

Google Glass may not make it to the road

A momentous case of a US woman charged with speeding and driving with a monitor visible to the driver is up in court today in California. Why? The driver, Cecilia Abadie, was wearing Google Glass. Google Glass is basically a smartphone for your eye. It wears like glasses with a small transparent screen in the … Read More

Photo Radar: Money grab or highway safety?

Photo radar may be a hot button topic right now in Toronto, but it is also one in Guelph. It is seen as a money grab by the public and an infraction deterrence by the public services. So which is it and what does it mean for you? Photo radar is a camera that is … Read More

Relaunching Bulwark Legal website

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Sorry for being away so long! We have been busy at the office and building our brand new website. Have a look!