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What do you miss while distracted?

CAA Distracted Driving

CAA has put together a simulator on distracted driving, and what really happens when you pick up that phone. Here are some highlights: On a rural highway, going 95 km/h I answered a phone call. In the 10.6 second distraction, I passed four oncoming cars, and travelled a distance equivalent to 14 train cars. On … Read More

Insurance and Distracted Driving

stressed traffic ticket

We know that being convicted on any ticket can increase your insurance, but insurance companies categorize convictions into minor, major, or criminal. With the fine for distracted driving being increased soon, will we see a difference in how the ticket is categorized? We were able to ask John Bordignon of State Farm Canada a few … Read More

Comparing Hand-held bans in Canada and US

Cell Phone Bans in Canada

It is clear in Ontario that texting, talking, or using a cell phone while driving is against the law, but let’s look at the other provinces and territories to see how their laws compare to ours. How do you think that Ontario compares to the other provinces/ territories? The infographic above gives a quick glance … Read More

5 Consequences of Distracted Driving

1. $225 plus court costs. Fines for driving with a display screen, driving with a hand-held communication device, and driving with a hand-held entertainment device are increasing from $125 to $225 on March 18. As of yet, they do not carry demerit points in Ontario. 2. $400 plus costs. You could land a careless driving … Read More

OPP Launches Distracted Driving Campaign

fighting traffic tickets Ontario

Over the weekend, the Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) launched a distracted driving campaign. The campaign is targeting drivers on the cell phones in order to raise awareness of the increasing collisions and deaths related to distracted driving. In the press release, OPP states, “In 2013, distracted driving fatalities surpassed both impaired and speed related fatalities … Read More

Monday Myth: Demerit Points affect Insurance

Paralegal Kitchener

Welcome to Monday Myths. Every other Monday, we are going to debunk the common myths about traffic tickets. The Myth: The cop gave me a traffic ticket with no demerit points; because there are no points it won’t affect my insurance, so I’ll just pay it. The truth: It is the conviction of the ticket … Read More