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Guelph Court: A History

Careless Driving Guelph

Most do not want to visit the Provincial Offence courthouse in Guelph, but those who do admire the classical architecture and overall character of the building. Its tin ceilings, ornate cornices, archways, and windows bring out the beauty of the building’s original features. Built in 1856 when Guelph actually became a town, it was designed … Read More

Texting and Driving leads to dangerous consequences

Careless Driving Guelph

It is hard to believe that texting and driving can be so damaging, but some studies say it is worse than drinking and careless driving. Check out this video done by the Thunder Bay District Health Unit. Remember that fines for driving with a handheld device are now $225 and soon may increase to $500+ … Read More

Are you ready to represent yourself in traffic court? [Checklist]

You just got a traffic ticket and you are trying to weigh the pros and cons on whether to fight it by representing yourself. Traffic court in Ontario is generally called POA court, which stands for Provincial Offences Act,  and can be a daunting place for those who haven’t been there before, so you need … Read More