Monthly Archives: July 2016

There’s an OPP Blitz this weekend targeting the Move Over law

Fighting Traffic Tickets Ontario

It’s one of those weekends again. The OPP will be performing a traffic blitz this weekend targeting the Move Over law. Last year over 2100 people received charges for failing to move over. Move Over Law This law is covered in section 159 of the HTA. It reads: (1) The driver of a vehicle, upon … Read More

What is the difference between paralegals and lawyers?

Paralegals and Lawyers in Ontario

You’ve heard of lawyers, seen them in the movies and maybe have even used one yourself. However, there is another important player in legal services: Paralegals.  Often people don’t know much about paralegals. Who are they? What are the differences from a lawyer? Which one is right for you? In this blog post we hope … Read More

Canada’s boating laws

With the Canada long weekend just passed, summer is here in full force. A few weeks ago we covered some common traffic tickets you would see this summer, but there’s another important aspect of summer driving that can land you a ticket – boating laws. There are certain rules of the water that are covered not … Read More