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Learning the Legal System’s Jargon

Paralegal Kitchener

When dealing with the legal system, traffic court and tickets, sometimes it is hard to keep track of all the new terms and definitions. We have compiled a small list to help you understand the jargon of the legal system a little bit better. Highway Traffic Act (HTA) – The Highway Traffic Act  is the … Read More

Beating your ticket in court without ever showing up

process serving

Want to beat your ticket? Here’s how We have done a blog post about the the different kind of tickets you can receive and what your ticket options are with each one. However, there are a couple of other options you might not know about. We like to call this option the Undisclosed Options. Basically, … Read More

Why am I being pulled over?

When can police pull over a vehicle

Why and when you can be pulled over by the police: Last week’s blog on the Move Over law started a great dialogue on when police can or should pull you over. No one likes being stopped by the police but it is a necessary part of their job, and it is our job to … Read More