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Are you driving with your gorilla in the passenger seat?

bizarre driving laws

In the past we wrote about some of the strangest traffic laws in Canada, but this week we’re going to highlight some of the weirdest laws about driving from all around the world. Whether these laws are due to antiquated legal systems, foolish drivers or very passionate lawmakers they might be good to know if … Read More

Strapped: some laws about seat belts you might not know

ex cops traffic tickets

The whole seat belt thing seems pretty simple. Get in the vehicle, put on the seat belt, drive. However, deaths in a traffic collision because of not wearing a seat belt accounted for about 30% of fatalities in 2014. That was an increase from the years before. According to statistics from Transport Canada, in 2014 … Read More

There’s an OPP Blitz Labour Day weekend targeting Distracted Driving

careless driving guelph

Another long weekend, another OPP Safety Blitz. This Labour Day weekend, the OPP will be on the roads looking out for distracted driving. For the first time since 2009, when Distracted Driving laws were introduced, there have been more deaths involving car accidents with distracted drivers than impaired drivers this year. The OPP has investigated … Read More