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Turn this way: Turn violations and the HTA

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Another very common traffic ticket is for turn violations. In the Highway Traffic Act, there are a few sections that deal with improper turns. This blog is about section 142 (1), one of the most common turn violation tickets that we see. 142 (1) Signal for left or right turn The driver or operator of … Read More

Driving without insurance can be costly

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Welcome to the Compulsory Automobile Insurance Act. The Compulsory Automobile Insurance Act (CAIA) is a separate set of regulations from the Highway Traffic Act that is designed to regulate and enforce insurance requirements. To begin, the CAIA states: 2 (1) Compulsory automobile insurance Subject to the regulations, no owner or lessee of a motor vehicle … Read More

A driver’s duty: why you need to stay at the scene of a collision

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Unfortunately, vehicle collisions happen often. These situations can be stressful, at the very least. In these cases it is incredibly important that a driver understands his/her duties when a collision occurs. These are: To remain at the scene of the collision, or immediately return. Render all possible assistance. There is no definition of what “assistance” … Read More