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Ontario’s new distracted driving laws and their penalties

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Canada is on a roar as far as new legislations are concerned. With every new legislation, its implication on the country’s driving rules is quite visible. Whether it is the stricter driving rules after the legalization of cannabis or something else, the drivers have to be on a constant lookout for the latest development in … Read More

Things to look for when hiring a Paralegal

Whether you are facing a difficult situation like being charged with a severe traffic offence, or annoying issues such as a small claims matter like a landlord-tenant dispute, one of the first things you should do is hire legal representation. A paralegal with experience in the area of the law you are trying to fight … Read More

Changes to Ontario Careless Driving Laws and Penalties

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What is Careless Driving? The Ontario Highway Traffic Act defines careless driving as operating any vehicle on the highway without paying due care and attention or reasonably considering other individuals around them. The first thought that comes to mind when someone brings up careless or distracted driving is an individual using their mobile device while … Read More

Stunt Driving And Racing In Ontario – The Consequences

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Stunt driving laws were added to the Highway Traffic Act under section 172 in 2007. This law was put in place in an attempt to stop drivers from racing and performing stunts, which are a danger to both those operating and riding inside the motor vehicle as well as other drivers on the road and … Read More

What to Consider When Hiring a Lawyer or Paralegal

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If you have recently received a traffic ticket, odds are that you have some questions. Should you pay the ticket? Should you defend yourself in court? If so, how? Should you retain a lawyer or a paralegal? Is there a difference? Take Some Time and Do Your Research Check the Law Society of Upper Canada’s … Read More

Got a criminal record? You may be eligible for a pardon

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What is a criminal record suspension? A record suspension removes your criminal record from the Canadian Police Information Centre (CPIC) database. This means if your name is searched on CPIC your criminal record will not appear, which can improve educational and employment opportunities. A record suspension keeps your criminal record separate and apart from other … Read More

Post-Accident Mistakes You Don’t Want to Make

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Accidents are traumatic, no matter how big or small they may be. In those first few minutes after the accident, everything can be confusing. It can be challenging to keep your mind straight and remember what you have to do – and more importantly, what you should not do! If you have been involved in … Read More

Motor Vehicle Charges under the Criminal Code

In Ontario, the Highway Traffic Act (HTA) regulates the rules of the road. But there are also driving offences that fall under the Criminal Code (CC) of Canada and, as such, result in more severe consequences. It is important to know what those are. One of the big things to know is that a charge … Read More

Canada’s boating laws

With the Canada long weekend just passed, summer is here in full force. A few weeks ago we covered some common traffic tickets you would see this summer, but there’s another important aspect of summer driving that can land you a ticket – boating laws. There are certain rules of the water that are covered not … Read More