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How to Get a Traffic Ticket Dismissal?

Fighting Traffic Tickets Ontario

Depending on the charges on your traffic ticket, you may have to pay a variety of fees. Ticket fines must first be paid. Your car insurance rate can also be increased if you have received a traffic ticket conviction on your driving record. Lastly, you may or may not have some expenses related to attending … Read More

Things You Need To Know Before Deciding To Fight Your Ticket

Fighting Traffic Tickets Ontario

Nearly all drivers know that sinking feeling you get when you hear sirens and see those red and blue flashing lights in your rearview mirror. Pretty much no one likes receiving a traffic ticket, even when it was given to them wrongfully. Many people end up paying for their fines regardless of whether or not … Read More

Get to know more about Fighting Traffic Tickets

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If you receive a traffic ticket, it is important that you try fighting it; otherwise, it can increase your insurance rates and affect your demerit points. Depending on the severity of the situation, a traffic ticket can also result in a licence suspension, so you have to be aware of this information so that you … Read More

School zone Speeding Ticket when Schools are Closed

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Speeding tickets are an unfortunate and potentially expensive offense. Add the additional factor of speeding in a school zone and you could be looking at an expensive and license costly ticket. In Guelph, the law states that from Monday to Friday, during the hours of 8-9 AM and 3-4 PM, the speed limit is reduced … Read More

Can I Get a Ticket for Failing to use my Turn Signal?

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As a driver, you know that you need to signal before you make a turn so that other drivers are aware of your actions. This will ensure you turn safely, and other drivers will be aware of your move, which will reduce the possibility of an accident. If you make a turn without using your … Read More

How speeding affects your driving Record?

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While speeding is no easy task, and we are saying that with a certain authority, it is one of the most complex topics and quite contrary to popular belief, most fatal accidents are not due to speeding alone. However, speeding does remain one of the most common causes of some serious accidents. According to a … Read More

Surprising Ontario Traffic Laws That You Might Not Know About

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As roads get increasingly congested and vehicle collisions on the rise, it is an excellent time to familiarize yourself with Ontario’s traffic laws. There are many rules people are still either unclear about or fully unaware of. Ignorance is not a defence and disobeying laws, even unintentionally, is dangerous. Many laws have likely changed since … Read More

Ontario’s new distracted driving laws and their penalties

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Canada is on a roar as far as new legislations are concerned. With every new legislation, its implication on the country’s driving rules is quite visible. Whether it is the stricter driving rules after the legalization of cannabis or something else, the drivers have to be on a constant lookout for the latest development in … Read More

Traffic Ticket? Here’s Why You Should Fight The Charges

Fighting Traffic Tickets Ontario

Traffic tickets happen; whether you were fighting speeding ticket Ontario just 10km over the limit or failed to come to a full stop at the stop sign, the ticket you receive can be expensive. Even worse, traffic tickets can sometimes have a detrimental impact on your driver’s licence with suspension or demerit points and insurance. … Read More

Stunt Driving, Racing And Dangerous Driving Offences

Fighting Traffic Tickets Ontario

Stunt driving, racing and dangerous driving offences come with a number of hefty consequences that can permanently affect your driving record and result in a suspended licence. The following is a basic breakdown of what each of these offences entails: Driving recklessly will affect everyone on the road, which is why individuals who drive dangerously … Read More