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Taking Your Driver’s Test? Here Are Some Helpful Tips

Before becoming a licensed driver there are hours of practice you must first complete. Even though you have been preparing to take this test and learning the rules of the road, you don’t want one small slip-up to derail your whole driving exam. Listed below are some common mistakes people make and what you should … Read More

How Speeding Affects Your Driving Record?

Speeding is one of the most common traffic offences committed every day. Whether it be the inclination to go with the flow of traffic on a highway or, the desire to increase your speed to pass another driver, any driver faces the possibility of being issued a Provincial Offence Notice for speeding. According to the … Read More

Traffic Tickets to Avoid This Winter

Fighting Traffic Tickets Ontario

Canadian winters can be unforgiving for drivers. Heavy snowfall, slippery roads, and reckless drivers are just a few hazards we need to look out for. Unsafe behaviour also puts you at risk of receiving a ticket, which can increase your insurance premiums. Drive through winter safely by avoiding these common winter tickets.  Clean your windows  … Read More

Pedestrian Crossover Blitz

Fighting Traffic Tickets Ontario

Starting on May 14, 2018 London police, among other police forces, begun conducting a week-long pedestrian crossover blitz. This is to promote safety for pedestrians, cyclists, and drivers. With the increasing popularity of pedestrian crossovers, 23 more on the way, it is important that every person knows what to do when approaching a crossover. What … Read More

Who’s right of way?

stop signs

Last week our blog post talked about stop signs, what “stopping” actually entails and the fines and charges for improper stops. This week’s blog will be about the second part of the same section, 136 (1)(b): Section 136 Stop at through highway (1) Every driver or streetcar operator approaching a stop sign at an intersection, … Read More

How to talk to police officers


It has probably happened to you: getting a traffic ticket. It’s not fun. Getting pulled over by a police officer is a stressful situation on its own. It might be made worse for some by the events of that day, something didn’t go well, or maybe you’re just having a bad day. Sometimes there’s a … Read More

Turn this way: Turn violations and the HTA

Another very common traffic ticket is for turn violations. In the Highway Traffic Act, there are a few sections that deal with improper turns. This blog is about section 142 (1), one of the most common turn violation tickets that we see.   142 (1) Signal for left or right turn The driver or operator … Read More

A driver’s duty: why you need to stay at the scene of a collision

collision fail to remain

Unfortunately, vehicle collisions happen often. These situations can be stressful, at the very least. In these cases it is incredibly important that a driver understands his/her duties when a collision occurs. These are: To remain at the scene of the collision, or immediately return. Render all possible assistance. There is no definition of what “assistance” … Read More

Careless driving charge? Read this!

careless driving missisauga

Distracted driving is a topic we have covered it here, here, here and here. Oh and here. However, it can often it can lead to a careless driving charge which is one of the most severe moving violations in the Highway Traffic Act and one of the most litigated. This section of the HTA reads, … Read More