Most Common Mistakes People Make After Getting a Traffic Ticket

Fighting speeding ticket Ontario

Traffic tickets are expensive, and no one likes getting one. Maybe you just got your first ticket, and you are trying to handle the situation as best you can, or maybe you have received multiple tickets and know you need legal advice. There are certain mistakes that you can make after getting a ticket that may make things more difficult down the road. While the whole process can seem confusing, it’s always best to challenge the ticket in court, as you can get the charge reduced or possibly thrown out, which can save demerit points, money, and future insurance costs.

Paying a Ticket Immediately

One common mistake is to immediately pay the ticket. By paying the ticket you are admitting guilt and throwing away any chance at reducing the ticket or having it dismissed. It can be frightening to get a ticket, especially if it’s your first, but don’t panic and pay it immediately to “get rid of it”. Take your time, consider your options, and realize that you do have recourse.

Represent Yourself in Court

While representing yourself in court is possible, without any prior experience and little to no knowledge of court proceedings it’s going to be difficult to do, or to get the outcome you want. A bit of money spent on proper representation will help save insurance costs in the future.

Not Properly Researching your Representative

You may be eager to select the first lawyer or paralegal that comes up in a search. However, it is important to do some research because you want to go to court with representation that will support you in every way, with the professional experience you need. Always be sure to check your province’s official lawyer and paralegal directory. You want to protect yourself, and ensure that the person you are allowing to represent you in court is, in fact, the professional that they claim to be.

In most cases, a lawyer is not actually needed when dealing with a traffic violation and can be considered the wrong type of representation. Lawyers most often do not have as much experience in this area as a trained paralegal, due to the types of cases that lawyers take on versus paralegals.

There are many mistakes you can make when you get a traffic ticket. Our team of licensed paralegals will help you navigate your way through the traffic court system and do our very best to get your ticket reduced or withdrawn. Don’t make a mistake, contact Bulwark Legal Services today.