The Cost of Ignoring a Traffic Ticket

Are You Aware of the Cost of Ignoring a Traffic Ticket?

Speeding on an open road with no visible traffic around can seem like fun, especially on a warm, sunny day; but watch out! You could pay dearly for it! You could hurt yourself or someone else. If you are lucky, you could escape an accident, but you may not be able to escape a traffic ticket. Ignore the ticket or dispute with the officer, and matters could turn worse! Your license could be suspended or you could be issued an arrest warrant! Surprised? Then you need to read more!

What is a traffic ticket?

Simply put, a traffic ticket is a notice a driver or motorist gets from a law enforcement officer for violating traffic laws. You can get one for speeding your vehicle, running a red light, driving without a valid license, carrying an expired license or changing lanes without timely indication. Signing a ticket means that you agree to pay a fine or appear in court. If you protest or refuse to comply, you could be arrested right then.

4 Severe Consequences of Ignoring a Traffic Ticket in Ontario

The consequences of turning a blind eye or deaf ear to a traffic ticket are severe. Below are a few of them:

  1.   Heavy Fines: Violating traffic rules are never a good idea. You will end up paying heavily in more ways than one. You have to pay a fee or appear in court.  Your fines could double for “failure to appear” (FTA) for a hearing. Think twice before you go back on your written promise that comes with signing your ticket.
  2.   License Suspension: If you look the other way, don’t turn up in court or fail to pay up on time, things could turn more serious. Your license could be suspended or you could be arrested. Admit your mistake and pay on time or before your “Notice to Appear” date and you could well escape these unwanted penalties.
  3.   Unwanted Points on Your Driving Record: Receiving a traffic ticket means unwanted points slapped on your driving record. This will increase your car insurance costs and increase the chance for license suspension.
  4.   Inability to Renew Car Registration: If you don’t pay the fine in the stipulated period, not only will your license be suspended, but you may not be able to renew your vehicle’s registration. You may also have to pay up to $300 in “civil assessment,” over and above your fine amount, and issued a warrant for your arrest.

Got a Traffic Ticket? Call Licensed Paralegal Help in Kitchener

However careful you are, there may be times when you do run into trouble. Whether you received your first traffic ticket or your third, Bulwark Legal can rush to your rescue to lessen the blow and your auto insurance rates. Our licensed professionals specialize in fighting traffic tickets in Kitchener and Guelph, Ontario. Call us, email or drop in for a free consultation.