Debunking the Three Most Common Myths About Disputing A Traffic Ticket

Fighting Traffic Tickets Ontario

There’s no worse feeling than receiving a dreaded ticket on your way home or to start off your day. You may reflect back to your friend telling you about their ticket officer not showing up to court and having the ticket dropped or signing incorrectly and they didn’t have to pay a dime. These words may get your hopes up, unfortunately, those are two examples of traffic disputing myths that can mislead drivers. 

Bulwark Legal Services are the traffic ticket experts and to stop the spread of misinformation, we’ve put together a list of the top three traffic disputing myths debunked. 

Myth: The Ticket Is Dropped If The Officer Does Not Appear In Court

Fact: This is arguably the most widespread ticket misconception out there. When you receive the ticket, it’s sensible to contest it in court instead of paying it off right away. When you do this, the officer that handed you the ticket is supposed to show up to your court hearing and if they don’t, the myth is that the ticket will automatically be dropped. In some instances that may be the case, however, the justice of the peace could reschedule your court hearing if the officer does not appear and will most likely be present the following court date. Bulwark Legal Services are your best defence in fighting the ticket and know all of your options and schedule your hearing accordingly.

Myth: Radar Gun Inaccuracy Is An Effective Defense

Fact: While it’s possible for radar guns to fail or produce an inaccurate reading, it is highly unlikely. Relying on that as your defence is not the most sensible idea, but with our former police officer experience at Bulwark Legal Services, we will take your case and find the best way to lessen the impact. Explain your situation to us and why you’re fighting the speeding ticket based on radar inaccuracy and we’ll help you with your situation. 

Myth: Spelling Errors on Your Ticket Gets You Off The Hook

Fact: Clerical mistakes by the officer won’t make a significant positive impact on your case, as the justice of the peace may view them as minor mistakes and allow for amendments to be made. There are some clerical mistakes that the court will not allow an amendment, such as jurisdiction, an unknown offence or the set fine. Let us review your ticket for errors that may affect your case.

At Bulwark Legal Services, we understand how stressful and confusing getting a traffic ticket is, which is why we want to help you. We bring ample experience and knowledge of traffic violations, provincial offences, and minor criminal charges to defend you and get the best outcome. Call our Guelph office for a free consultation today!