How Do I Fight a Speeding Ticket in Ontario?

There are thousands of traffic tickets issued every year across Ontario for speeding. Many people don’t attempt to fight them in court. Part of the reason is unawareness about legal rights, and for others because it can seem like a daunting, time-consuming task without full assurance of success. The ticket holder accepts it with no questions asked. But – those tickets can come with hefty fines, demerit points, and in some cases, licence suspensions. Are you prepared for this?

Speeding tickets are handed out as a warning to pay heed to your driving. Fines and other penalties serve as a reminder to respect the law, practice defensive driving, and ensure the same mistake is not repeated again. But local law enforcement officers are not experts in legal services, and sometimes they make mistakes when issuing tickets. If you have doubts about the offence notice you have been given, it pays to consult a legal expert who can help fight the ticket for you.

Consulting an experienced paralegal should be seen as an investment, not an expense. We know the rules, have knowledge of provincial offences, and are willing to spend the time with you to understand your case. If you are successful with your matter you may avoid hefty fines, demerit points, and keep your driving record clean.

Traffic tickets may cost you a lot of money. But, fighting a traffic ticket can also cost the government a fair sum of money. They need to pay the police officer, prosecutor, and Justice of the Peace to have them in court. If you go to court with your ticket and plead guilty, in some instances the fine could be increased.

When Should You Fight a Speeding Ticket?

In a majority of cases, it is a good idea to file your ticket with the court.

  • If your offence is not one of the more serious charges, you may choose not to have a paralegal represent you in court. Ensure that you turn up to court on any scheduled date given to you. You may be able to meet with the prosecutor and have the charges withdrawn, or reduced to a lesser offence.
  • When you file your ticket with the court, you should request disclosure. If the officer’s notes are not consistent with what you were charged with, such as car specifications or missing evidence, you may wish to raise these issues.
  • Always check your ticket – ensure that there are no fatal errors. This includes missing the officers’ signature, or having an unknown offence written on it.
  • Even if you are found guilty and convicted, you may enter submissions to the Justice about how long you need to pay your fine. If you have good reason, you may be granted longer to pay.

Bulwark Legal Services, Guelph, Ontario

As a Canadian citizen, you have the right to fight in a court to prove that you are not guilty. Contact Bulwark Legal Services for a free consultation if you need help to fight a ticket. We specialize in fighting traffic tickets at the Guelph Provincial Offenses Court, and are willing and able to provide you with the representation that you need.

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