How speeding affects your driving Record?

Fighting Speeding Ticket Ontario

While speeding is no easy task, and we are saying that with a certain authority, it is one of the most complex topics and quite contrary to popular belief, most fatal accidents are not due to speeding alone. However, speeding does remain one of the most common causes of some serious accidents. According to a report, 44% fatalities occurred in motor vehicle crashes on average are due to speeding. Even though speeding does not form the primary cause of fatalities, it is still a cause and can be avoided. Although the majority of Canadian drivers regard speeding to be just a cash cow for the authorities and believe that it is not justified, a matter of fact remains that countries that have enforced tougher legislation on speeding have encountered decreased accidents and fatalities due to speeding.

Speeding can result in several implications as far as your driving record is concerned.


A speeding ticket impacts your insurance. Avoiding speeding tickets and other traffic violations can potentially save you thousands of dollars when it comes to your insurance cost. Your insurance will increase considerably with a simple speeding ticket, which is not worth it even though at that time it may seem like a harmless idea. Speeding tickets remain on your driving record for many years adding to your auto insurance premium. In addition, you will also not be eligible for a ‘good driver’ discount that would normally apply to you on your annual premium.

Driving record

One of the most commonly asked questions is “how long does a speeding ticket stay on the record?” Any traffic tickets, including speeding, jumping a red light, rash driving, etc., stay on the driver’s abstract record for at least three years.

What about speeding tickets due to Camera And Photo Radar?

Many Ontario roads and highways are equipped with speed detection radars and cameras. If you happen to speed through those, you are still liable to pay the fine. The owner of the car will pay the fine. However, speeding tickets received due to detection by camera or photo radar will not be subjected to demerit points or showing in your license abstract.

Receiving a ticket in other provinces

Many Ontario drivers are under the notion that if they receive a ticket outside of Ontario their record will not be impacted. It is untrue as no matter which Province or State you receive the ticket in, it will be reflected in your driving record. Whether it is fighting a speeding traffic ticket in Toronto or a careless driving charge in Guelph, Bulwark Legal Services specialize in helping Ontarians to fight their traffic tickets, avoid heavy penalties and rectify bad driving records.