How to Get a Traffic Ticket Dismissal?

Fighting Traffic Tickets Ontario

Depending on the charges on your traffic ticket, you may have to pay a variety of fees. Ticket fines must first be paid. Your car insurance rate can also be increased if you have received a traffic ticket conviction on your driving record. Lastly, you may or may not have some expenses related to attending court.

It’s absolutely essential to mention that if you’re convicted for careless driving, you are bound to suffer the consequences. Those with minor traffic offences, however, can learn some tips on how to fight and beat a ticket in Ontario so there is no increase in their automobile insurance. A speeding ticket can be dismissed for a variety of reasons, just as traffic laws and penalties vary from province to province. Understanding that paying your ticket does not result in its dismissal is particularly important. If you pay, you are admitting guilt and you will be subject to penalties, including points on your driver’s licence.

Reasons Speeding Tickets may Dismiss

Your speeding ticket may be dismissed if you contest it in court under a few circumstances. In order to fight a speeding ticket successfully, you must have the necessary and correct information when you appear in court.

No police officer appears

Speeding tickets are most commonly dismissed when you appear in court to contest them, but the officer who issued the tickets does not appear. A case against you cannot be proved by the Prosecutor without the issuing officer unless he/she tries to prosecute by using the ticket itself as evidence. If such a situation arises, you can testify in your defence and request the dismissal of your case.

Police officer makes an error

There is a possibility that the ticket will be dismissed if the police officer commits a major error during the trial. For example, inconsistent testimony is one possibility. Listen carefully and take notes so you can point out potential inconsistencies to capitalize on this opportunity. To determine whether there are any discrepancies between the testimony and the officer’s notes, you are entitled to a copy of the notes to review prior to any trial.

Ticket information is incorrect

The ticket can be dismissed automatically if an officer records your information incorrectly. Some errors can be corrected in court; others cannot. If the Justice of the Peace determines that the ticket is invalid, your case may be dismissed.

Faulty equipment detected your speed

A speed measuring device may be faulty and if you are able to prove or at least challenge it, then you might be able to get the ticket dismissed. In court, you can raise the credibility issue of the officer who stopped you with radar, but the radar testing is missing in the notes.  It may be possible to use the faulty equipment defence for your vehicle as well. A calibration check of your speedometer might help you avoid getting a speeding ticket.

There are very few circumstances in which you can get a speeding ticket dismissed, but it is possible. If you need any help determining your chances of it, contact Bulwark Legal Services today. 

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