Traffic Tickets to Avoid This Winter

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Canadian winters can be unforgiving for drivers. Heavy snowfall, slippery roads, and reckless drivers are just a few hazards we need to look out for. Unsafe behaviour also puts you at risk of receiving a ticket, which can increase your insurance premiums. Drive through winter safely by avoiding these common winter tickets.  Clean your windows  … Read More

Changes to Ontario Careless Driving Laws and Penalties

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What is Careless Driving? The Ontario Highway Traffic Act defines careless driving as operating any vehicle on the highway without paying due care and attention or reasonably considering other individuals around them. The first thought that comes to mind when someone brings up careless or distracted driving is an individual using their mobile device while … Read More

Stunt Driving And Racing In Ontario – The Consequences

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Stunt driving laws were added to the Highway Traffic Act under section 172 in 2007. This law was put in place in an attempt to stop drivers from racing and performing stunts, which are a danger to both those operating and riding inside the motor vehicle as well as other drivers on the road and … Read More

The Cost of Ignoring a Traffic Ticket

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Are You Aware of the Cost of Ignoring a Traffic Ticket? Speeding on an open road with no visible traffic around can seem like fun, especially on a warm, sunny day; but watch out! You could pay dearly for it! You could hurt yourself or someone else. If you are lucky, you could escape an … Read More

Driving with Ontario’s Farmers

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As warm weather (finally!) returns, Southern Ontario residents are going to see significantly more tractors moving on the road during the planting season. Here are some tips from Bulwark Legal Services to help drivers share the road with Ontario’s farmers. All farming implements, combines, tractors and other agricultural vehicles in Ontario are required to have … Read More

Pedestrian Crossover Blitz

Fighting Traffic Tickets Ontario

Starting on May 14, 2018 London police, among other police forces, begun conducting a week-long pedestrian crossover blitz. This is to promote safety for pedestrians, cyclists, and drivers. With the increasing popularity of pedestrian crossovers, 23 more on the way, it is important that every person knows what to do when approaching a crossover. What … Read More

Tips to Avoid Common Traffic Tickets

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There aren’t many drivers out there that haven’t been issued a common traffic ticket for one reason or another. There are speeding tickets, moving violations for running a stop sign or stoplight, failure to use a turn signal and more. If you want to avoid receiving a traffic ticket in the future, here are some … Read More

Most Common Mistakes People Make After Getting a Traffic Ticket

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Traffic tickets are expensive, and no one likes getting one. Maybe you just got your first ticket, and you are trying to handle the situation as best you can, or maybe you have received multiple tickets and know you need legal advice. There are certain mistakes that you can make after getting a ticket that … Read More

What to Consider When Hiring a Lawyer or Paralegal

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If you have recently received a traffic ticket, odds are that you have some questions. Should you pay the ticket? Should you defend yourself in court? If so, how? Should you retain a lawyer or a paralegal? Is there a difference? Take Some Time and Do Your Research Check the Law Society of Upper Canada’s … Read More

New Distracted Driving Laws Could Cost you Big

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The Ontario Government is taking a stand, and it won’t pay to be on the wrong side of the law. New legislation will mark Ontario as the province with the toughest distracted driving laws in the country. We live in a distracting world, no doubt about it. With vehicles full of Smart Phones, tablets, GPS, … Read More