Pedestrian Crossover Blitz

Starting on May 14, 2018 London police, among other police forces, begun conducting a week-long pedestrian crossover blitz. This is to promote safety for pedestrians, cyclists, and drivers. With the increasing popularity of pedestrian crossovers, 23 more on the way, it is important that every person knows what to do when approaching a crossover.

What is a crossover?

A crossover and a crosswalk are two different things. A crosswalk occurs at intersections. A crossover is an area of the road that is marked for pedestrians to cross safely. A crossover is identifiable by pavement markings, specific signs and overhead-lights that are activated by pedestrians. A crossover also applies to school crossings where a school crossing guard, displaying a stop sign, is found.

With crossovers a driver or bicyclist must come to a complete stop and wait for a pedestrian to completely cross the road. A crosswalk does not require a driver to wait for the pedestrian to completely cross the street. When at a crossover the pedestrian has the right of way just the same as at a crosswalk.

These crossover rules can be found under section 140 of the Highway Traffic Act (HTA):

Pedestrian crossover
Duties of driver
140 (1) When a pedestrian is crossing on the roadway within a pedestrian crossover, the driver of a vehicle approaching the crossover,
(a) shall stop before entering the crossover;
(b) shall not overtake another vehicle already stopped at the crossover; and
(c) shall not proceed into the crossover until the pedestrian is no longer on the roadway. 2015, c. 14, s. 39 (1).

The fines surrounding a driver failing to wait at a crossover range from $150 to $500 and a possible 3 demerit points. If the offence occurs in a community safety zone than the fine is doubled.

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