School zone Speeding Ticket when Schools are Closed

Fighting Speeding Ticket Ontario

Speeding tickets are an unfortunate and potentially expensive offense. Add the additional factor of speeding in a school zone and you could be looking at an expensive and license costly ticket. In Guelph, the law states that from Monday to Friday, during the hours of 8-9 AM and 3-4 PM, the speed limit is reduced to 40km/h on certain school streets and as low as 30km/h on others at all times. Guelph municipality has even gone as far as to install speed cameras in some of these areas in an effort to catch drivers speeding. However, seeing as schools are currently closed, are things different? Here is what you should know as a driver.

During Coronavirus

Despite school closures, the city of Guelph is still charging drivers who disregard the school zone speed limits. That means, if you are speeding in these areas, your fine will still be enforced and you could still be facing demerit points. While children are no longer in school, there are still plenty of children running around the area. Especially seeing as summer is coming up, being mindful of your speed in school zone areas is essential.

Tips to avoid getting a ticket:

The city has some radar signs that display your speed just in case you are unaware of your vehicle’s speed.

If you need to get somewhere fast, avoid school zone areas. This way, you are not placing yourself in a position to speed. Look out for traffic signs. These signs not only indicate speed limits but school, traffic cameras, and community safe zones.

If You Do Still Get A Ticket, What Are Your Options?

If you do find yourself in some hot water with speeding during this time, you do have a few options when it comes to paying your fine, reducing your fine, or even having the fines dropped completely. Your first step is to contact a legal team to defend you should the matter get taken to traffic court. The Bulwark Legal Services team is made up of experienced traffic lawyers. Our services provide drivers of any age with affordable ways to solve their traffic ticket problems. Once you’ve been set up with a lawyer, you will be given direction and advice on how to proceed with your traffic ticket. Once the matter reaches court, a decision will be made with regard to the fine you pay.

While schools are closed, children are still at play. Ultimately, you should be mindful of your speed in school zone areas. With that being said, mistakes happen, if you find yourself sitting with a ticket, call Bulwark Legal Services and discuss your options.