Suggestions to Fight a Speeding Ticket in Ontario

It’s possible to fight a speeding ticket, although there are ways of going about it and the outcome will ultimately vary on the severity of the case and the exact reason behind your ticket. The problem with speeding tickets is that there are a lot of misconceptions leading drivers to believe that they can easily get away with it and this is often not the case. In fact, certain types of tickets are almost impossible to fight because the offence comes with consequences that nobody can eliminate completely. 

Driving through a red light, drag racing or driving under the influence are all examples of tickets that you must face to some extent. What you can do in these cases is ask for a lesser punishment, like community service. You may also request taking part in defensive driving courses, which the judge may consider, resulting in a lower punishment. 

If you have been served a speeding ticket that falls in the serious case category as mentioned above, it’s important to fight it to a reasonable extent as there is a very high chance that your insurance rates will increase, making your payments very expensive. Fighting speeding tickets can make a difference in this aspect while also potentially lowering the amount of demerit points you may receive. There’s more to fight for than just the penalty fee as your entire driving reputation and abilities are on the line. Depending on the type of speeding offence you have committed, you may be at risk of having your driver’s licence suspended.

Some tickets that are easier to fight than others and include radar and laser speeding, which can be beaten easily in a some lot of cases, especially with the right legal representative lawyer on your side. In such cases, there is a very high chance that the end result will not affect your insurance rates and no demerit points will be given to the driver. The only thing you may be required to do is to pay a fee and once that has been completed, the ticket will not affect your driving record in any way if you were able to fight it off successfully. Depending on the type of speeding ticket, you may even be able to get out of paying the fee altogether or bringing down the amount significantly. 

The most important thing to remember is that you cannot lose your temper with the officer if you ever get pulled over. This will work against you when you’re trying to fight a ticket, so make sure you are co-operative and calm, and do not admit guilt if you are asked for the reason behind you getting pulled over.

If you ever require help in fighting traffic or speeding tickets in Ontario, contact Bulwark Legal Services who specialize in helping drivers in the Guelph area. They’ll do their best to keep your driving record clean!

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