Traffic Tickets to Avoid This Winter

Fighting Traffic Tickets Ontario

Canadian winters can be unforgiving for drivers. Heavy snowfall, slippery roads, and reckless drivers are just a few hazards we need to look out for. Unsafe behaviour also puts you at risk of receiving a ticket, which can increase your insurance premiums. Drive through winter safely by avoiding these common winter tickets. 

Clean your windows 

One of the leading causes of accidents in the winter is because of poor visibility. An easy way to make your drive free of obstructions is by ensuring your windows are free from snow and ice. This can be a time-consuming task, especially when you have to scrape off stubborn ice meticulously. But, it is a necessary chore to do every time your car is covered, or you will risk getting a ticket if a police officer sees you driving with a snow or ice covered car. The offence varies by province but is along the lines of an obstructed view. Only cleaning off the driver’s side windows is not enough either. You need to be able to see out every window to operate a vehicle safely. 

Clean off your whole vehicle

It is not just your windows and mirrors that need to be cleared of snow and ice. You must also brush off the roof, hood, and lights of your vehicle as well. Snow from your roof can blow off and land on other drivers when you pick up speed, and snow-covered lights are as good as no lights. Also be sure your license plate is snow-free as you can get a ticket for an obstructed plate as well. 

Slow down

The posted speed limit refers to the fastest speed you can travel during optimal conditions. When the weather turns for the worse and roads become less optimal for driving, lower your speed to give yourself more stopping time and anticipate hazards early. It is not just a speeding ticket you have to worry about. There are other tickets you can get if you are travelling too quickly when the roads are slippery – even if you do not exceed the posted limit.

In Ontario, there is not a ticket for driving too fast in poor weather conditions, but you can get charged with careless driving. You can get this ticket whenever you are driving without “due care and attention or without reasonable consideration” for other people. 

Quebec has a specific ticket that is issued to drivers that fail to adapt to the weather and road conditions. It carries a minimum fine of $60 and will also cost you two demerit points. In Alberta, you can get ticketed for speeding at an unreasonable rate, which will cost you $200 and four demerit points.

Stay safe and adapt your speed to the weather. 

These are simple precautions we can all take not only to keep our records clear of tickets but also to keep the roads safe for everyone. If you do happen to get a ticket, call Bulwark Legal Services. We can help keep your record clear even when the streets are not.