What to do After Getting a Traffic Ticket

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Getting a traffic ticket is very common and most people have received one, once or twice on the road. Traffic fines can be costly and can even lead to a suspended license, demerit points or worse, jail time. That’s why it’s important to act on the ticket you receive right away. If you choose not to fight your ticket, you’re automatically seen as guilty which will affect your insurance for years to come. Never consider paying it off instantly! There are a few steps you can take to lighten the load or at least avoid making it worse. Next time you find yourself with a traffic offence, refer to the tips below on how to handle it.

Don’t Just Pay Right Away

Most people make the mistake of simply paying their traffic right then without considering other options. It’s necessary to read through the fine, understand the offence and consider further options of going to trial. By paying it off, you’re immediately considered guilty. This may make the ticket go away but you’re paying the full amount instead of trying to get a reduction.

Read the Ticket Thoroughly

Many people are unaware that if there are any citation errors or incorrect information on the ticket, it has a higher chance of being dismissed. It’s the responsibility of the officer to note down the correct details on the ticket from the vehicle information to your contact information. That’s why it’s important to read through all the information and double-check spellings on the ticket for any errors that may encourage the judge to dismiss your case.

Find Legal Representation at Trial

After you decide to try your luck at fighting the traffic ticket, make sure to seek out proper legal representation to help you in court. Many people represent themselves without legal knowledge which can ultimately be their downfall. Bulwark Legal Services offers some of the best ex-cops in Kitchener and Guelph who are now leading lawyers to defend you in court for an affordable price. 

Don’t Overspend on the Wrong Type of Defence

It’s important to do your research before finding legal representation and spending a pretty penny on expensive lawyers instead of an equally qualified paralegal. Bulwark Legal Services have many years of experience in handling careless driving cases in Guelph to help you avoid demerit points, costly expenses and potential jail time and/or licence suspension. Those that have gone with representation from Bulwark Legal Services have nothing but positive testimonials to talk about and tickets they no longer have to worry about!

If you’ve recently been pulled over and received a traffic ticket, Bulwark Legal Services will be by your side to assist you and relieve stress. Bulwark handles a variety of offences from careless driving to simple speeding. Book your free consultation with us today online or visit our Guelph location. Let our licensed Paralegals help you out of this mess!