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Are you currently residing in Brantford, Ontario and in need of help for your traffic violations? Here at Bulwark Legal Services, we specialize in all traffic violations and minor criminal charges. We can help you fight from a simple parking ticket to to a serious traffic offence! Over the years, we have dealt with cases like speeding, running the red light, stunt driving, careless driving, stop light and seat belt tickets, driving while under suspension and all other aspects of car insurance related cases over Ontario. We are known for providing our clients with a detailed report and the best defense for your case - all for a FREE INITIAL CONSULTATION. 


  • We make sure that dealing with your tickets will be made convenient by processing whatever needs required and taking off all the complicated information and data gathering off of your hands. You need not worry about rescheduling meetings just to make a court appearance - we can go to court on your behalf. 

Professional Success

  • We formed a team that was established in 2013 that ensures justice to be served. We have former veteran police officers that have over 40 years of policing experience as well as provincial prosecutors with over 25 years of court prosecution and defence. 

After all these years of serving justice, here are some of the cases that we have handled: 

Speeding Tickets

Speeding is known to be one of the most common traffic offences and most people just pay the tickets for this is obviously the next step to do. What most people do not know is that fighting for your tickets can actually save you more money rather than just settling. So remember, the best road to follow if one experiences a major or minor transgression is to consult a professional first - one who can help you out and explain to you all your penalties. 

Careless Driving

Whether or not an accident occurs, when it comes to careless driving, this offence is considered as one of the most serious traffic charges in Ontario. Choosing to fight this ticket can be difficult and you will need help from professionals for this. You will be facing a number of penalties, and some of those are your driving rights done through license suspension, as well as increase in your insurance. This will also reflect in your records which is not good if you are or will be looking for employment opportunities in the near future.

Stunt Driving Ticket

You are looking at a traffic violation with serious penalties that will be a burden in your end. This is considered a major conviction by insurance providers and there will be an extreme increase in insurance premiums. Stunt driving automatically suspends your license for seven (7) days as well as impounds your vehicle for seven (7) days. With our help, we can provide you with the best line of defence for your ticket. 

Red Light Tickets

So you ran a red light, and as a driver, you should have known the consequence of your actions. To make matters worse, they have a picture of your vehicle running the said red light. Not to mention, whoever was driving the vehicle at the time of the infraction will not matter, but the registered owner of the vehicle in question - that person will be issued the ticket. You will be receiving demerit points for this. Whoever said that the fine just needs to be paid for settlement is not familiar with the law because sometimes, there are conditions at play, and there is a right penalty that needs to be clarified. We are willing to assist you with these concerns. 

Driving without Insurance

It is compulsory by law that all vehicles have automobile insurance. Especially in Canada, paying the fines is exceedingly expensive. Not only that, your vehicle will also be impounded and your license suspended. If you already have or had insurance, you will be under the category of "high risk" and will face serious premium increases. If, however, you have no insurance to begin with, you are looking at a very tough case and you will need our guidance to help you straighten out your penalties.  

Driving Under Suspension

There is a major chance that your insurance premium rates will increase or in worst cases - will drop their coverage. You will also get at least 6 month licence suspension, and a payable fine of up to five thousand ($5,000) Canadian dollars. If you are deciding on pleading guilty to the charge, it is important that you educate yourself first on the consequences of driving under suspension. It is of utmost importance that you have a profound knowledge on whether or not you have a defence to the charge. Contact us so we can start helping you out with this case. 

Although Bulwark Legal Services is located directly across from the Provincial Offences Office, City of Brantford 102 Wellington Square, P.O. Box 760 Brantford, ON, we do handle matters all over Ontario. 

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