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Hey there! Are you caught in a dilemma of choosing whether to fight or not the convictions of your driving offence in Ontario? Either your traffic infraction is a minor or major offence, you must consider the pros and cons of settling the ticket or fighting it. We, Bulwark Legal Services, are here to help you out with this dilemma and are ready to win the battle with you. We manage and process all Highway Traffic Act Matters including driving while under suspension, stunt driving, careless driving, red light tickets, speeding, seat belt tickets, and all forms of insurance related offence around Caledon by specifying the best outcome and explication on how to go about your cases with a FREE INITIAL CONSULTATION. 

Hassle Free 

  • Should I pay for the ticket and just be done with it? We understand how complicated and difficult it is to deal with traffic tickets and we can reassure a high success rate when it comes to fighting these dreadful, pain in the neck, tickets. You will receive the outcome that you deserve, a hassle free and easy process with our help, of course. We take care of everything! From filing the insufferable tickets to preparing the case law and assessing all evidences. We all know how important time is, so we also go to court on your behalf. 

Professional Success

  • Bulwark Legal Services was established last 2013 and we are proud of all our achievements and success these past 3 years. Our team are professionals in the fields of traffic offences and minor criminal charges. There are the police officers that have over 40 years of policing experience and the provincial prosecutors with over 25 years of court prosecution and defence in this field. 

Here are the service we have that you might be interested in:

Driving Under Suspension

If you rely on your license to earn a living, your employment may be at risk when you are charged with driving while suspended. This traffic infraction is one of the most serious cases and greatly affects your insurance and demerit points. Not to mention that you will be settling a fine not less than $1000 and the fee that is needed to impound your vehicle. We know what to do, let us fight for you. 

Driving without Insurance

If you are a first time offender of driving your vehicle, or even having someone else drive your vehicle without insurance will have penalties that will show how serious the offence is. There will be suspension of your license, impounding of your vehicle, fine settlement, and a complicated case to deal with. Especially if you did not have any insurance to begin with. No matter how bloody this will get, we still see to it to provide you with the best defence and a detailed report on what penalties are to be taken care of.

Stunt Driving Ticket

This traffic violation is more than just speeding, not necessarily careless driving but similar. It is the act of weaving in and out of traffic. If you are on stop; making unnecessary noise by spinning your tires while driving away is grounds to stunt driving. There are so many incidents that will count as a stunt driving offence you need to seek help from professionals to lay down all the penalties and the right course of action to be taken. That is why we are here, to help you out with this. 

Speeding Tickets

Speeding is a very common traffic violation and very easy to settle by paying the fine on the ticket. One must know that by simply paying the fines you are paying much more than what should just be settled. We understand that this may seem more complicated, but trust us, we can settle the fine much less and we can tell you how and why. 

Careless Driving Tickets

When it comes to careless driving you should always fight for your ticket. Not only will you be earning demerit points, your insurance rates will increase. Not to mention the fines you should be settling and the impounding of your vehicle. This ticket is going to reflect in your record and this will affect your right to drive and your employment opportunities, most especially if you need to use your license for a living. Let us help you try to avoid all these major charges and fight for your ticket. 

Although Bulwark Legal Services is located in the Provincial Offences Office, 6311 Old Church Road, P.O. Box 1000 Caledon East, ON. (Satellite Court) we are not limited to taking care of Highway traffic Act matters all over Ontario. 

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