Fight Traffic Violations in Cambridge, Ontario


Hi! Are you living in Ontario or know of anyone from Ontario who are facing traffic violation tickets, and is not sure on how to fight it? Whether it is a minor or major offence, we strongly recommend that you read up and gain all the substantial knowledge you need and seek help from our professionals to fight these tickets. Here at Bulwark Legal Services, we are are ready to represent and pleased to help you out with this battle. We take care and process all Highway Traffic Act Matters including Driving while under Suspension, Speeding, Stunt Driving, Red Light Tickets, Seatbelt Tickets, and all forms of insurance related offence around Cambridge by showing you results and a detailed report on how to go about your cases with FREE INITIAL CONSULTATION. 

Hassle Free;

  • We know how difficult it is to deal with traffic tickets. It has too much paperwork and takes too much of your time. We made sure to give you utmost convenience while understanding the charges and penalties that you will be facing. We process through a hassle free and effective system that gives us high result rates. We will take care of everything for you! From assessing all evidences and even going to court on your behalf. Expect that you will receive the outcome that you deserve. 

Professional Success

  • We have been serving to the local public since 2013 and are proud of our success rate over the past years. Our team is composed of highly experienced professionals in the fields of traffic offences and minor criminal charges. We have police officers that has served over 40 years of policing and the provincial prosecutors with over 25 years of court prosecution and defence.  

After all these years of serving justice, here are some of the cases that we have handled: 

Speeding Tickets

Speeding is the most common traffic violation of the law and one of the easiest to deal with, but do not be fooled by settling the fees, you still need to fight this. If you think fighting this ticket is a waste of time and money, you'd be surprised with how much less you will be paying for once we review all the evidence and process the case for you. 

Red Light Tickets

Whether it was you or someone else driving your vehicle and ran the red light (they probably have evidence to back it up), your vehicle will surely be issued a ticket and you will definitely need to seek professional help in order to fight this. You are facing demerit points for this and could probably have your license suspended depending on the level of your infraction. Leave it to us to explain all the penalties that you will be facing and how we can help clear this from your record as much as possible. 

Driving Under Suspension

Driving while your license is suspended is a major traffic violation and can affect your job opportunities, especially if driving is greatly needed in your line of work. This too will greatly increase your insurance rates and affect your demerit points. Let us not forget the painful $1,000 (Canadian Dollars) fine and the fee that is needed to impound your vehicle. With some proper guidance and professional representation there is a huge chance to lessen the gravity of this infraction once you contact us as soon as possible. 

Driving without Insurance

Insurance is an important requirement by law when driving a vehicle. If you are charged with this infraction, you need to prepare yourself and have a team of professionals here in Bulwark Legal Services to back you up with this grave offence. You will be facing the following: suspension of your license, impounding of your vehicle, various and expensive fines to settle, and a large sum of demerit points. If you did not have any insurance to begin with, this will make it all worse. We will be standing by your side fighting a good fight with you in the battlefield, we provide you with the best line of defence.  

Bulwark Legal Services Cambridge site is located in the Provincial Offences Office 77 Queen St. North Kitchener,ON and we are not limited to taking care of Highway traffic Act matters all over Ontario. 

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With Bulwark Legal Services, know that you are always in good hands.


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