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Hey There! Are you from Ontario, and is recently charged with a traffic violation ticket? Or you may know of someone residing in Ontario currently dealing with this incident and is not sure on how to go about it? When it comes to minor and major traffic infractions, it is always best to seek the help of our legal professionals. Our professionals can give you sound legal advice that can definitely be beneficial to you. Here at Bulwark Legal Services, we take care of and process all Highway Traffic Act Matters including Driving while your License is under Suspension, Driving without any Insurance, Carelessly Driving, Speeding, Stunt Driving, Beating the Red Light, Driving without Seatbelts, Facing Commercial Motor Vehicle Charges, and Summary Conviction offences in Chatham. We also offer FREE CONSULTATION. Learn more about us and how we can help you out by reading the information below: 

Hassle Free  

  • If this traffic ticket is your first or third, it does not really matter, because what does matter, is how time consuming and stressful dealing with these tickets can get. It has too much paperwork and may require you to report to court. We came up with a system that is altered to all our clients with unique cases that is sure to be very effective and convenient. We handle everything for you, from filing the ticket and assessing evidence to preparing pertinent case law and most times, appearing in court on your behalf.  

Professional Success

  • Bulwark Legal Services was founded and established in 2013 by Curtis Rutt M.B., C.D., A licensed paralegal who brought together a team of highly experienced professionals that has served over 40 years of policing and provincial prosecutors with over 25 years of court prosecution and defence. We have received a high success rate all throughout our years in the field and are always ready to help all those in need.  

Here are some Highway Traffic Act Cases that we offer:  

Speeding Tickets

A common highway traffic infraction is driving over the speed limit. This is taken seriously by the government due to a high rating of car accidents that has occurred in the years. We do recommend we fight this ticket. Although this may not be reflected on your records, this will still increase your insurance premium. You will also face speeding tickets that has a fine to settle, which also varies in amount depending on how the kilometres that you drove over the speed limit. Let us help you and see if we can get a reduction on your infraction.

Seatbelt Tickets

Either you are the driver or the passenger, if you do not wear your seat belt or improperly put it on, you are putting your life in great risk. This is why Ontario is very strict when it comes to wearing seat belts and there will be a fine with a minimum of $200 (Canadian Dollars). Don't just pay that ticket yet, we need to help you fight it. With years of experience in this field, we have dealt with cases like this and can give you the real worth of your ticket.

Red Light Tickets

Beating a red light sure has its consequences. We understand that there are cases wherein this cannot be avoided. That is why we are here to back you up with legal advice. Your license is facing demerit points, or even worse, probably have your license suspended depending on the level of your infraction. Leave it to us to explain all that you need to know to fight this ticket and how we can help clear or decrease your penalties as much as possible. 

Driving Under Suspension

Driving while your license is suspended has a big price to pay. This too will greatly increase your premium insurance and your license demerit points. To top it off, you will be charged with a minimum of $1,000 (Canadian Dollars) fine and an additional fee that is needed to impound your vehicle. The wise decision is to fights this ticket with the help of a professional and licensed team, please contact us as soon as possible to resolve this issue.  

Driving without Insurance

Insurance is a vital requirement by law when one is driving a vehicle. If you are charged with this infraction, your next move is to prepare yourself and have a professional team to support and keep you from being charged wrongfully and carefully studying your case to lessen the penalties. You will be facing a series of consequences that is sure to be a pain in the neck, read the following: This infraction is reflected on your record, Your license will be suspended, Your vehicle will be impounded, Possible overcharged fines, and demerit points for your license.

Bulwark Legal Services Chatham site is located in the Provincial Offences Office, Municipality of Chatham-Kent 21633 Communication Rd., RR #5 Blenheim, ON. We also take care of Highway traffic Act matters all over Ontario. 

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