Criminal Charges

Summary Criminal Charges

The lesser criminal charges are referred to as summary conviction offences and are considered less serious than indictable offences. Summary offences are punishable by shorter prison sentences and smaller fines. But make no mistake-a conviction will still result in you having a criminal record and may affect your employment opportunities. You could face fines of up to $5000 and six months in prison. It may also restrict you traveling outside of Canada. There are many summary conviction offences under the Criminal Code of Canada, but the more popular ones are theft under $5000, fraud under $5000 and causing a disturbance. In any event, these charges are still criminal and can carry a jail sentence if convicted. If you find yourself charged with a summary conviction offence call Bulwark Legal Services to book and appointment with one of our licensed paralegals.

Indictable Criminal Charges

Indictable criminal offences are the most serious offences to be found in the Criminal Code of Canada. These charges carry serious consequences and in some instances lengthy jail sentences. Bulwark Legal Services refers any criminal matter to experienced lawyer, Brian Starkman, to offer full service criminal defense. If you’ve been charged with impaired driving/over 80, dangerous driving, aggravated assault or with any other indictable offence call Bulwark legal  to find out how we can help.

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