What separates Bulwark from the other paralegal services that I see advertised?

In one word: experience. Our team of former veteran police officers and provincial prosecutors have years of experience in dealing with the very the laws with which you’ve been charged. This knowledge translates into ensuring that you get a thorough and professional opinion on your available options. 

What is the difference between demerit points and convictions?

Demerit points are what the Ministry is concerned with and convictions are what matter most to insurance companies. Insurance companies can raise premiums with each conviction registered even if it carries no demerit points, but some convictions can result in higher premiums than others. 

What are the types of charges are you able represent?

We specialize in all Highway Traffic Act matters including speeding, stunt driving, careless driving, stop light tickets, stop sign and seatbelt tickets, driving while under suspension and all aspects of insurance related infractions. Simply call us to set up an appointment so we can review your tickets, and remember it’s a FREE initial consultation!

Does it matter if I’ve been charged with an offence as a result of an accident?

Absolutely, it matters. If you’ve been involved in an accident and charged by the police, you need to speak with us about your options. Insurance companies often will raise your premiums instantly for “at-fault accidents”, and then raise them again upon conviction. Most likely you’ll be charged with Careless Driving which carries massive consequences if you simply opt to pay the ticket.  

What role does a paralegal play in my situation?

A paralegal can bring a sense of ease to the entire ordeal of getting a ticket. From the initial filing of requesting a trial right through until the end result, a paralegal handles it all. Most people want nothing to do with the court system which is understandable as nerves tend to run wild for the inexperienced. The Bulwark Team is here to help as going to court on your behalf is what we do, so rest easy knowing you’re in good hands. 

Do you only handle matters in the Guelph area?

Although Bulwark Legal Services is located directly across from the Guelph Provincial Court, we do handle matters all over Ontario. Call us to find out exactly how we can assist with your out of town matter. 

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