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Hi There! Are you from Ontario and has recently been charged with a highway traffic infraction? It is best to know your options and the real worth of your fines and penalties by seeking legal advice. Here at Bulwark Legal Services, whether it is a minor or major traffic infraction, it is best to have the support from our professional team to help you. We deal daily with all Highway Traffic Act Matters including Speeding Tickets, Driving Carelessly, Stunt Driving Ticket, Driving without or improperly wearing a Seatbelt, Driving while license is under suspension, Driving without Insurance, Red Light Tickets, Commercial Motor Vehicle Tickets, and Summary Conviction Offences in Hamilton. Book an appointment with us for a FREE INITIAL CONSULTATION. 

Hassle Free

  • While you worry about dealing with all the paperwork and cancelling other important meetings just to make room for court appearances, we at Bulwark Legal Services could have done all that for your convenience. We take care of filing your tickets, to studying your case and all the evidences. We also can represent you in court. Although the infraction maybe the same, but each and everyone of our clients are different and we see to it to give you the best options for your legal defence and the right kind of support you need to win your fight.   

Professional Success

  • Bulwark Legal Services, was established in 2013 and has received great reviews and a high success rate over the years. Our team, are experienced professionals in the field of traffic violations, has over 40 years of policing experience and more than 25 years of provincial prosecution and defence. 

Here are some Highway Traffic Act Cases Bulwark Legal Services offer:

Speeding Tickets

You might not have been aware of how fast you were driving, this is very common around our area but the penalties should not be taken lightly. You are facing an increase in insurance premiums and an increase in demerit points on your driving record. There is a possible chance that your license is up for suspension, depending on the number of times you have been charged for speeding or any other infraction. Tell us all we need to know so we can help you fight these tickets.   

Red Light Tickets

The first thing that you should know is there are 2 types of red light tickets, first is given by a police officer and the other is taken by a traffic camera and the ticket is mailed to your home. Either way, you will be charged with a fine, demerit points and will highly increase your insurance rates. We can tell you all you need to know and more by getting in touch with us. 

Seatbelt Tickets

Over the past years, there has been numerous ad campaigns for always wearing seatbelt's but the incidence rate is still high. For those who does not properly wear their seatbelts will be facing a fine between $200 and $1,000 (Canadian Dollars) and an increase in your license demerit points. For passengers under the age of 16, the driver will be facing a higher penalty fine. Make sure you choose the right team to fight this ticket for you, make sure it's Bulwark Legal Services.  

Driving Under Suspension

Driving while your license is suspended is one of the many types of tickets that not only have a fine with a minimum fine of $1,000 (Canadian Dollars) to $5,000 (Canadian Dollars) but carry a mandatory 6 month licence suspension along with them for first time offenders. If this is the Nth time of being ticketed for this infraction, you will face a maximum of $10,000 (Canadian Dollars) fine with month's time of license suspension and possible jail time. Fighting this ticket is going to be bloody and you need a team who truly knows what they are doing and is committed to be there for you. Here at Bulwark Legal Service, you can count on us. 

Bulwark Legal Services Hamilton site is located in the Provincial Offences Office, City of Hamilton, John Sopinka Court House 45 Main Street East, Suite 408 Hamilton, ON. We take care of Highway traffic Act matters all over Ontario. 

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With Bulwark Legal Services, know that you are always in good hands. 

With Bulwark Legal Services, know that you are always in good hands.


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