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Hello! Are you not sure about whether to battle your driving offense in Ontario? Either your infraction is a minor or significant offense, you should consider the upsides and downsides of settling the ticket or battling it. We, Bulwark Legal Services, are here to bail you out with this predicament and are prepared to win the fight with you. We oversee and handle all Highway Traffic Act Matters including driving while under suspension, stunt driving, rushed driving, red light tickets, speeding, safety belt tickets, and all types of protection-related offense around Orillia by indicating the best result and explanation on the best way to run your cases with a FREE INITIAL CONSULTATION. 

Hassle Free 

  • Should I just pay for the ticket? We see how convoluted and troublesome it is to manage traffic tickets and we have a high achievement rate with regards to battling these. We will look at your case completely, requesting and inspecting the police's notes and divulgence proof ahead of time. This will guarantee you an expert and able resistance when we fight for you in court. 

Proficient Success 

  • Bulwark Legal Services was set up last 2013 and we are glad for every one of our accomplishments and achievement these previous 3 years. Our group are experts in the fields of Highway Traffic offenses and minor criminal accusations. There are the cops that have more than 40 years of policing background and the provincial prosecutors with more than 25 years of court indictment and resistance in this field. 

Here is the administration we have that you may be keen on: 

Driving Under Suspension 

In the event that you depend on your license to procure a living, your livelihood might be in danger when you are accused of driving while suspended. This movement infraction is a standout amongst the most the other traffic infractions and incredibly increases your insurance and demerit points. Also, you will be settling a fine at the very least $1000 and the extra charge that is expected to impound your vehicle. We know exactly what to do for this case, let us battle for you

Driving without Insurance 

On the off chance that you are a first-time guilty party of driving your vehicle without insurance will have punishments that will indicate how genuine the offense is. There will be a suspension of your license, impounding of your vehicle, fine settlement, and a convoluted case to manage. Regardless of how grisly this will get, despite everything we see to it to give you the best defense and an on point report on what penalties are to be dealt with.

Stunt Driving Ticket

A stunt driving charge generally alluded to as "racing," is regularly issued when the driver of the vehicle has been discovered going at 50 km or more over the posted driving limit. You can likewise be accused of this offense for performing a stunt while driving, for example, "screeching" your tires or attempting to make an extremely risky move. When you have been accused of Stunt Driving you will promptly be issued a roadside suspension of your drivers permit and your vehicle will be seized, at your own cost and being able to fight this with our professional team could do you good. 

Speeding Tickets 

Speeding is an extremely normal petty criminal offense and simple to settle by paying the fine on the ticket. One must realize that by basically paying the fines you are paying considerably more than what ought to simply be settled. We comprehend this might appear to be more muddled, we can settle the fine significantly less and we can let you know how and why. 

Careless Driving Tickets 

With regards to rushed driving, you ought to fight your ticket. Not just will you be gaining demerit points, your insurance rates will increase. Also, there will be fines you need to settle and your vehicle will be impounded. This ticket is going to reflect on your record and this will influence your right to drive and could possibly affect your occupation opportunities. Give us a chance to offer you some assistance with trying to maintain a strategic distance from all these real charges and battle for your ticket. 

Bulwark Legal Services Orillia branch is situated in the Orillia Provincial Offences Office 575 West Street, South, Unit # 10 Willow Court Plaza Orillia, ON. We also deal with Highway activity Act matters all over Ontario. 

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