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A high percentage of drivers will be subject to any kind of traffic tickets at some point in their life. While paying the initial fines and fees may seem like the ideal route at first, many drivers will be in for a surprise when their next insurance bill comes in the mail. Here at Bulwark Legal Solutions, we do everything for you from violations ranging from speeding tickets, stop light tickets, stunt driving,  Commercial Motor Vehicle Tickets, and Summary Conviction Offences and much more. We provide FREE INITIAL CONSULTATION, to learn more about our Peterborough branch and how we can help you out, Read on below:

Hassle Free

  • We see to it to give our customers a cost-effective approach in handling their cases and the best customer service experience. From the step by step process needed to file the tickets and evaluating your case to studying the evidence and going to court as your representative, we will manage everything for you because we know that when working with all these tickets, it will demand so much effort and time from you. We know each and every one of our customers is unique and special so we modify our strategy and procedure to ensure we get the outcomes that you are entitled to.

Professional Success

  • Curtis Rutt M.B., C.D., Is a certified paralegal, who established Bulwark Legal Solutions in 2013. Rutt and his team of highly experienced professionals that have policing experience for over 40 years and over 25 years of provincial  prosecution and defense. With excellent reviews and successful achievements throughout the years, we are sure to provide quality service and a high winning rate for each and every one of our customers.

Here is some of the Road Traffic Act Cases Bulwark Legal Solutions offer:

Speeding Tickets

You might have neglected the speed limit because you were too busy concentrating on getting to your meeting and the police officer isn't convinced by your reasoning. Now you have been charged a ticket with a fine to settle, an increase in your insurance premium, and demerit points on your driving record.  Call us today and we will give you the best legal advice to possibly lessen the fees or much more depending on the case.

StopLight Tickets

You must also know that there are two types of red light infractions, a red light ticket given by law enforcement and a red light digital camera solution. Before deciding to settle the fine of your ticket, it is advisable to know everything that is needed and what exactly are the penalties you are paying for. Not only does this infraction cost you a lot, but also will likely carry several of demerit points and will increase your insurance. We can tell you all you need to know and more by getting in touch with us.

Seatbelt Tickets

Seatbelt ticket is a common ticket that we fight on consistently at Bulwark Legal Services. Charges for these will cost you a lot and could possibly cost you more for the additional violations. These violations are the kind that that go reflects on your driving record, which in turn will also increase your insurance premium. However, many seatbelt tickets are charged either unfairly or incorrectly, and our team of experts can identify these errors and reverse with strong legal justifications.

Driving Under Suspension

By law, when drivers have violated specific laws, their license is to be suspended and revoked. With the suspension, the driver may or may not have the option to claim the license. When drivers who continue to drive while their driver's license is suspended or revoked face a misdemeanor charge. Possible imprisonment and the expense of settling the fines. For the repeat offenders, they will be charged with increased fees. It's a good idea to seek advice from our team of experienced professionals who can counsel you on your options.

Driving without Insurance

The law declares that no owner of a car is able to function that vehicle without any insurance. If charged, this calls for a possible suspension of your driver's license, your monthly insurance premium expenses will extremely increase, For a first conviction –  the cost of the fine plus surcharges , If however, you are charged for the second time – you will expect the fine to cost you twice as much as the first time offenders. This costs a fortune! Let us help you with your next actions, call us today instantly.

Bulwark Legal Solutions Peterborough site can be found in the Provincial Offences Office City of Peterborough 99 Simcoe St. Peterborough, ON K9H 2H3. We not only take proper excellent care of Road visitors Act matters in Peterborough but all over Ontario. Please complete the form on the top part of this page, for us to get hold of you and deliver our updates and more!

With Bulwark Legal Services, know that you are always in good hands.


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