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Ex-Cops Traffic Tickets - Richmond Hill

For years, the idea of driving safely is more of a responsibility to the community than a cautionary practice. However, when you are being issued a ticket of traffic regulation, it is always better to know what you are getting into. There are a few traffic violations that are more serious than others, therefore, it is important to know how, when, and why you should fight those road traffic tickets in Ontario. In certain cases, our experienced and knowledgeable team have been successful in being able to get a notably reduced fine, or even a withdrawal of all charges. For the convenience and the affordability of the service we provide, get in touch with Bulwark Lawful Solutions. We cope with any minimal or significant Traffic Offenses and even Summary Conviction Offenses in Richmond Hill, Ontario. Get hold of us for your FREE INITIAL CONSULTATION.

Hassle Free

  • We at Bulwark Legal Services know that you should not go through the need to worry about your issued highway traffic ticket anymore since we handle the entire procedure. We intend to make our process helpful for our customers to the point that they do not need to always come in our office just to see if there are any updates about their case because we are the one who will bring all the updates to you and even go to court on your behalf.

Professional Success

  • Bulwark Legal Services started in 2013 by Curtis Rutt M.B., C.D., a certified paralegal. With over 40 years of policing experience and 25 years of paralegal defence experience, our team came together with skill sets that are perfect for coming up with the best defence for any Highway Traffic Ticket issues.

Here is some Highway Traffic Act Situations Bulwark Legal Solutions offer:

Speeding Tickets

Some drivers are known to stay positive about traffic tickets because they are considering to neglect them, thinking they will just go away. This way of thinking is so much further from the fact. If you are not able to respond to your traffic tickets, you could be charged with the probability of being put out for your arrest, which can lead to you being taken into custody if and when you are caught again by a police officer. You can also be susceptible to getting a license suspension for neglecting to pay the fine, which is why any infractions should never be ignored. We are here to give you a hand and sound legal advice if in case you are caught in this situation.

Stunt Driving Ticket

If you are issued a stunt driving ticket, this should be taken seriously and the first thing you should consider is getting legal advice and support from a team of experts for your representation for court appearances. If by chance you want to represent yourself in court, if anything goes wrong, this in return could be a serious problem and you might end up being locked in prison. The police officers can issue a stunt driving ticket to a driver under several conditions. You need to contact us asap to straighten this out for you and give you the best defence you need.

Stop Light Tickets

There several things that can cause you to get a stop light ticket; the car arriving up behind you is going to hit you, the yellow light could have been too short, or the traffic signal may be hidden from your view. But these same factors for you to run the red light may be the best way to protect yourself if you get charged with this infraction. Let us see what we can do to get you released of these penalties so this will not reflect on your driving record in the future.

Driving Without Insurance

It’s compulsory to have insurance if you're residing in Canada regardless of which province or territory. If you get caught driving in Canada without any insurance, you will be fined. Insurance policy defends you and others on the street, and can avoid you from having to pay the large expenses that can come with an accident. Still, there are some Canadians who chooses to drive without insurance under the influence that if they pay the fine it is more realistic than spending insurance. Little do they know not only are they going to pay the fine but this will also damage their driving history and will have their license suspended with their vehicle impounded.

Driving Under Suspension

A conviction for driving while your licence is suspended will result in some serious repercussions that will indeed reflect on your driving history which can in the future be a liable reason to have sent to prison. You will have a difficult time getting your licence back but with Bulwark Legal Services, we make sure to study your case to give you the best line of defence so you do not need to experience this.

Bulwark Legal Services is found in Ontario Court of Justice Provincial Offences – York Region 50 High Tech Road Richmond Hill, ON L4B 4N7. We handle highway traffic matters all over Ontario, just visit our website to know more about our other locations. We want to learn more about your Traffic Act issues by filling out the 'Contact Form' and we will get in touch with you and for us to send you updates and more about our company.

With Bulwark Legal Services, know that you are always in good hands.


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