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Once you have earned a minimum of 2 or more demerit points on your record, you will be sent a warning in the email. Once you get 6 demerit points, there will be an interview set that will require you to go to the Ministry of Transportation. If you are not present at this meeting, your driver's licence will likely be suspended. If you acquire 9 more demerit factors, your permit will be suspended for 60 days from the time that you relinquish your driver's license to the Ministry of Transportation. If you do not surrender you driver's licence, your driver's licence make take up to 2 years of suspension. Here at Bulwark Legal Services, we deal with any minor or major Traffic Infractions and even Summary Conviction Offences in St. Catharines, Ontario. Get in touch with us for your FREE INITIAL CONSULTATION. It is best to know what your penalties are worth, and fighting for your ticket is always the smart choice to make.

Hassle Free

  • We at Bulwark Legal Services know that your time is a valuable commodity and we are committed to doing everything for your convenience. Our Hassle-Free service means that we’ll handle your traffic infractions without you having to always check in our office because we will always update you, schedule appearances in court because we can go on your behalf, and especially feel the need to take time off from work just to settle the ticket.

Professional Success

  • Our group comprises of veteran cops and provincial prosecutors who have years of expert experience who have more than 40 years of policing background, and as far as court arraignment and barrier, we have 25 years of involvement in those ranges. Our customer service is next to none! We make sure to personalized quotations that provide honest solutions that will suit your traffic ticket case with the best possible results!

Here is some Highway Traffic Act Situations Bulwark Legal Solutions offer:

Speeding Tickets

Speeding is a greatly controversial problem that impacts large numbers of us every year. If you're issued a ticket for speeding, the next step will rely on various conditions, but mostly on how fast you were going above the speed limit. You can choose either to pay the fee or accept the penalties. If on the other hand, you think the ticket is incorrect, you most definitely need our expertise and advice on this. Having our team by your side to help you battle this ticket whether you are responsible or not of the violation is the best step to take.

Stunt Driving Ticket

We all understand that stunt driving is really illegal, in fact, a stunt driving ticket is issued to the driver exceeding the speed of more than 50 km/h. Being charged with this ticket is difficult to battle alone, first is an immediate seven-day suspension of your permit and your licence and the impounding of your vehicle and much more. Give us a call so we can explain further and to be able to offer you some advice about this and how we are the perfect team for you.

Stop Light Tickets

There are instances that a driver goes through a red light or a stop sign without stopping, thus they have committed an offence under the Highway Traffic Act. Indeed, there are times these unexpected occurrences happen and fortunately this violation will possibly not reflect on your record as long as you have us to back you up. Before settling your ticket, make sure you know accurately what your penalties are with the help of our team of experts.

Driving Without Insurance

if you’re caught driving in Canada without auto insurance, you will be penalized. If you’re in an accident, that fine is only the starting of what is sure to be an expensive series of unfortunate events. Driving your vehicle or allowing another person to drive without an insurance plan is a popular violation with vicious outcomes. To further have an ideal range of such grievous outcomes, our legal professionals are here to help you with your problem.

Driving Under Suspension

The offense of driving while your driver's licence is suspended, under the Highway Traffic Act , was expanded in late November 1998. On the off chance that you were caught driving while your licence is suspended for an HTA violation, you will need to settle a heavy amount of fees and other extra charges for a first violation but for the repeat offenders, this amount will most certainly add up to twice the amount of the first-time violators. It is regularly recommended even by the police officers to fight this ticket. Allow us to give you the best defence you will ever need and the results that will make you proud.

Bulwark Legal Services is found in Provincial Offences Office Regional Municipality of Niagara 71 King Street St. Catharines, ON L2R 3H7. We handle highway traffic matters all over Ontario. Just visit our website to know more about our other locations. Give us a chance to deal with all your Traffic Act issues by filling out the 'Contact Form' for us to reach you and for us to send you updates and more about our company. We look forward to hearing from you and are ready to help you out with your case the best way we can.

With Bulwark Legal Services, know that you are always in good hands.


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