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There are several things you should consider when you decide whether to fight a traffic ticket. You should consider whether you really committed the offence you are charged with. If on the other hand you did commit the offence, it should be for a good reason. You should learn about the offence you were charged with, and see what defences you could use to win this case. Here at Bulwark Legal Solutions Windsor branch, we have experience in all traffic violations and minor criminal cases and we can provide you with some advice about battling from a seatbelt ticket to a ticket for driving while your licence is under suspension. We are known for providing our clients with a well-detailed review and the best support and legal - for a FREE INITIAL CONSULTATION.


  • We make sure to provide you with the best customer service experience by handling your tickets. Everything we do will be made beneficial whatever the requirements are and eliminating all the complicated and stressful process that you are needed to do like filing of the ticket up to going to court because we can do that on your behalf.

Proficient Success

  • We came together as a team in 2013. With our expertise put together, this assures the value we provide for our customers. Our team has professional police experience for more than 40 years and paralegal experience for more than 25 years focusing on the highway traffic act matters.

Here are some of the instances that we have taken care of:

Speeding Tickets

Many people believe that the best thing they can do in this for this ticket is to agree to their mistake and simply pay the fee. But it is true that many traffic tickets get regularly beaten in court - it could be very unacceptable for your driving record and particularly for your increasing insurance premium rates. Always remember - you are not accountable until confirmed guilty in a legal court of law. Know your legal privileges and most significantly - know how to defend yourself by having our team by your side.

Careless Driving Tickets

When an event happens, with regards to careless driving, this violation is one of the most serious violations in Ontario. Battling this alone can be tricky and you will need the help of professional a professional team like ours to win this. You will be dealing with fines, and a possible driver's licence suspension, and an increment in your insurance policy. But by the end of the day, this will still reflect on your driving record which could affect you in the future.

Stunt Driving Ticket

Stunt driving is a serious violation and you can be charged with serious penalties. The said penalties can possibly include immediate vehicle impoundment and the suspension of your driver's licence, with demerit points that will add to your record, and heart-breaking fine. If by chance you are issued a ticket for the second time, you will be facing time in jail and your licence will be suspended for many years. A stunt generating indictment can cost you lots of money in its fines and insurance fees. Don't decide on pleading guilty just yet without talking with one of our experts that can help you out with this infraction.

Red Light Tickets

An additional source of government defence has happened in the past few years, with the introduction of photographic automated enforcement systems, also known as the red light cameras. These devices are triggered when a vehicle passes over an indicator in the intersection when the stop light is red. These cameras will take pictures of the vehicle’s front plate and a possible clear photo of the driver. The issued ticket is then sent by mail to the vehicle’s owner. Send us the copy of the ticket and all possible evidence so we can provide you with the best defence to prove why you are not guilty.

Driving without Insurance

By law, it is a must that all vehicles be insured especially here in Ontario. Trust us when we say that paying for the fines will cost you a fortune. Not just that, your vehicle will be impounded together with the suspension of your driver's licence. In the occasion that you decide on getting your car insured, you will have a record and will result to leave you under the category of "high hazard" and will need to pay an increase in your insurance premium rate. You don't need to look for the answers anywhere else. Get in touch with us and we know how to help you.

Driving Under Suspension

An Ontario driver’s licence is a very valuable document and you should do everything possible to keep your driving record clean. Very often, a suspension happens because the driver does not remember to settle the fine of a minimal traffic infraction. The results get worse when she/he takes a risk and drives while the licence is suspended. Bulwark Legal Services has a professional team to assist you in case that you should have your licence suspended. We will fight to restore your licence and have it reinstated.

Bulwark Lawful Solutions is found in the Provincial Offences Office City of Windsor 251 Goyeau St, Suite 300Windsor, ON N9A 6V2; we also manage Highway Traffic Act matters all over Ontario, check out all our locations in the website to know more. Please take the time to for you to complete the 'Contact Form' in order for us to reach you and offer you the best defence you need to win your case.

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